Writing blog posts for ActivityPub

Should ActivityPub posts be written differently from blog posts? That is the question I’m asking myself since posting to the Fediverse with WordPress. For I started with the regular settings of the ActivityPub plugin. Turns out that by default the full content is posted, minus some formatting. A couple of things stood out to […]

Is WordPress slow?

Web sites built with WordPress have the reputation to be slow. And a lot of them are. But so is the average web site. So what factors do matter? Recently, I saw a post on the fediverse, mentioning that the person showed their bespoke web site to a young WordPress developer and how much faster […]

Fixing a Surge cache issue with ActivityPub is a WordPress site that uses the ActivityPub plugin to add functionality to interact with Fediverse platforms, like Mastodon. This makes it possible for people to directly follow posts without visiting the web site. But after my last post, some people told me that the post was returning raw code, not the regular web […]

Using WordPress as an ActivityPub instance

ActivityPub is a W3C standard, I mean recommendation. And WordPress supports it! Not by default, but for now, with a plugin. So, what does that mean? And why should you care? With the ActivityPub protocol you can publish posts and automatically send notifications to people who follow your blog. People can also comment on your […]

Introducing the weet theme

The weet theme is fast and focuses on text. It might appeal to you, if you like a minimalist look or just want a setup, that doesn’t load a lot of stuff you are not using. To achieve these goals, somewhat unusual features were created. weet is a combination of the words wee and theme. […]